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Striving to promote ourselves and any brand or person we work with. We look at their marketing, distribution, branding, and media, to help them gain growth and competitive advantage. We offer a full marketing strategy overview and analysis, full web-design service, from creating logos to designing websites, and we show clients how to use the website as a tool. We have worked with many small & large brands over the past few years.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is always the starting point. No matter how the strategy is implemented, your business needs a good marketing plan. We can help you implement an effective marketing strategy to grow your business and your bottom line.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is no longer a separate marketing discipline. We live in a digital world and if your business doesn't adapt, it won't be able to compete with its more agile digital competitors. Digital isn't the future, it's the present.

Social Media

Use social media to build an audience, drive engagement and get your message out there. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and snapchat are just some of the the channels that work well. Knowing which to choose is important


Sometime in today’s fast paced world it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed with the task of marketing your business. Getting the right marketing mix can prove costly and time consuming and hiring a marketing professional can be hit or miss depending on the individual’s background and you are tied into a contract. For the most cost effective way to get your marketing going talk to us today about outsourcing your marketing activity to us.
Traditional Marketing
With the huge emphasis on digital and social marketing it is easy to forget the value on a good traditional marketing campaign. Utilising print, radio and other traditional methods We can help you develop your traditional marketing and target specific regions or demographics to drive footfall to your store or traffic to your website.
Social Media Marketing
This has been the most utilised forms of new marketing in the past 20 years. The rise of the internet has allowed companies to create content and drive it independently online. We can manage and monitor all social media platforms as well as customer interactions helping to ensure a professional and consistent presence online promoting the facets of the company you want at the forefront of your business.
Email Marketing
One of the most relevant & cost effective marketing tools is a solid email marketing campaign. This allows you the opportunity to engage with past and present customers. You can also engage customers with the products relevant to them individually. Is it also a great way to push content and drive traffic to websites and social media platforms.
Web Design
A clean stylish website can help promote your business and set the tone for interaction with potential customers. We can create a fully seo’d sleek looking website. Complete with Live chat options and e-commerce integration. Maintaining a website can also be very time-consuming. We can take over the maintenance of any and all websites as well as content creation.
  For full details on all marketing activity and interest you can contact me below, or follow on twitter @niallmccreanor or follow on linkedin:

Marketing Team

Niall McCreanor

Marketing Consultant

Is a marketing expert with 10 years experience working with some of the biggest brands there is. Niall specialises in all things marketing, from digital to traditional and all things in-between.

Lukasz Skrzyniarz

Pay-Per-Click Expert

Lukasz is a Google Certified Pay-Per-Click expert who specialises in driving quality traffic to your site to help you engage better with potential customers

Robert Gernon

Strategy & Content Creator

Robert is a Marketing Specialist with a keen eye for creating and developing both Strategy and Content. Robert uses segmentation and diversification to win new customers and retain current clients.



David is a marketing manager with McCreanor Marketing as well as one of our main consultants. Operating remotely allows David the flexibility to balance the multitude of tasks he manages on a daily basis.

The Practical Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the Podcast, this is a podcast simplified for business  start ups & portfolio expansions, focusing on maximising skills and assets you already have rather than telling you what you don't.

The aim of this podcast is to help show business owners how to best achieve targets they have set. We will also show you how to build your own personal profile to achieve your dream goals.

In Later episodes We also hope to have interviews with people on how they not only market their business's but themselves as well. We will talk to business people and people who work in the entertainment industry where self marketing is needed to set the personal brand apart from everyone else!

Anyone wanting to take part in this series please contact me below. You can support the Podcast the receive a free marketing consultation by contributing to the podcast below. We have this set up with a suggested amount which will help us keep the lights on. But all contributions welcome. If you want to support us but don't need a consultation we can help with career directional advice how, how best to get yourself noticed at or work, or we can provide you with many of the templates we talk about on the show. You can also support us by simply buying our book, above.





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