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Welcome to the Podcast, this is a podcast simplified for business  start ups & portfolio expansions, focusing on maximising skills and assets you already have rather than telling you what you don’t.

The aim of this podcast is to help show business owners how to best achieve targets they have set. We will also show you how to build your own personal profile to achieve your dream goals.

In Later episodes We also hope to have interviews with people on how they not only market their business’s but themselves as well. We will talk to business people and people who work in the entertainment industry where self marketing is needed to set the personal brand apart from everyone else!

Anyone wanting to take part in this series please contact me below. You can support the Podcast the receive a free marketing consultation by contributing to the podcast below. We have this set up with a suggested amount which will help us keep the lights on. But all contributions welcome. If you want to support us but don’t need a consultation we can help with career directional advice how, how best to get yourself noticed at or work, or we can provide you with many of the templates we talk about on the show. You can also support us by simply buying our book, above.


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